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Terms and cost of the trade mark registration in Ukraine.

TERMS trademark registration

Trademarks terms in UkraineThe deadline for registration of your trademark needs as accurately fit your business needs. If you are not in a hurry, this is one situation. If you plan to start business in Ukraine to start immediately, while the second is the situation and urgently needs to register the trademark. Or maybe you need a domain UA, it is the third situation.
And if the company is just registered and begins its life: why do you express check-brand, and therefore unnecessary costs?

TERMS of 1,5-2 years. This - the standard registration period in Ukraine. Such registration TM can not have some sort of patent attorney to go faster, and another attorney - slowly. Her term in Ukraine all the same - as it spends Ukrpatent for all patent attorneys alike. The principle of operation Ukrpatent rule: if to register quickly, it is - a paid service and a fast-track job Ukrpatent experts will have to pay an extra fee.
Sometimes of course, that someone a little more luck, and the trade mark was registered in exactly one year. Our statistics are as follows: Standard registration TM in Ukraine from the date of filing and the date of the Certificate takes about 1 year to 1 year and 2 months.

TERMS of 7-7.5 months. This is the - express check-brand. The cost of accelerated procedure of registration of trade marks depends on the number of classes of registration of TM, the cost of preliminary search (checking TM), the presence of color in the claimed designation and type of mark (verbal or combined trademark?).


The cost of the procedure depends on these causes:

  • The cost depends on how much it will cost you check the brand and search among previously submitted for registration and already registered TM. This cost will depend on - the number of classes to test, plus on this verbal or combined trademark. And it will depend on the duration of the search (it is either 5 or 10 working days).
  • Cost is also dependent on the number of classes for the registration of TM. Briefly, for each class of registration have to pay $ 150.
  • The cost depends on the availability of color at the claimed mark for registration. State fee for filing a TM registration in color - plus it's $ 40 to the cost.
  • Will also include the cost of services of a patent attorney to prepare, design and application for registration, it - $ 140

LEGAL ASPECTS Trademark Registration

  • The owner of the brand in Ukraine - it can be a company or an individual...Register brand in Ukraine can both residents and non-residents.
  • Number of brands in one person is not restricted by law.
  • Therefore, we recommend that you pre-register themselves good names in those activities (in the classroom) that you are just planning for the future. We recommend so for the reason that the good names, words or names - a little.
  • The main requirement for TM: it must comply with the legislation of Ukraine in accordance with the Law "On Protection of Rights to Marks for Goods and Services" and "Rules for the preparation and filing of the application for registration of a mark for goods and services." 
  • Register TM has certain limitations.And most important of them - it should be different from today's registered trademarks, and the signs, only submitted for registration.

    • You must remember that to get the rights to the brand in Ukraine is possible only when your trademark will be registered and you will receive a certificate.
    • According to international law the name of a foreign enterprise in Ukraine is protected without mandatory registration of the name in the state bodies.
    • Foreign applicants are required to apply not to the Patent Office of Ukraine, and to a registered patent attorney.
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