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Trademark and patent registration process in Ukraine

Advocate and Patent attorney Yana Kondratyuk

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About us:

Advocate and Patent attorney Yana Kondratyuk (she is on the right in the photo) is our Leader and Director. She was born in Moscow. She received a special legal education and education in the field of intellectual property. Master of Law and Master of Intellectual Property. Favorite book Civil Code of Ukraine, Book Four, Intellectual Property Law.  Specialization trademarks, ua domain, invention patent and utility model patent, copyright in Ukraine and the USA, legal protection of intellectual property rights. She made her choice of profession consciously she followed her father's path. Even as a teenager, I independently issued and submitted applications for TM. Every year from the age of 14, she interned in positions related to intellectual property law. 

Our Patent attorneys and experienced Lawyers, who specialize in intellectual property law, have been successfully representing the interests of their clients for many years. First, our specialization trademark registration in Ukraine, international trademark registration, patents for invention, utility model and industrial design registration.
We will be happy to receive a bar code for you in Ukraine for your goods.
We will be happy to register your copyright in Ukraine.
Furthermore, we also specialize in successfully solving the task of trademark registration for UA domain registration.
More than 5,000 brands. Hundreds of patents. Many hundreds of UA domains. Hundreds of satisfied Barcode Customers. Our advantage is that we respect and value every Client!

How to start working with us:

Before you come to us, please write us a request in Telegram, Viber, or WhatsApp. We will be happy to prepare to meet you!

Address for correspondence: 04078, Ukraine, Kyiv, vul. Sergiya Danchenko, 12-A, quarter 24.

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